Andrew Arias
Imagine having the ability to witness things that go on behind closed doors. Like a proverbial fly on the wall, exposed to world secrets and high-level intelligence -- a front seat to what happens in board meetings of some of America's most respected institutions. Written in the first person, an incredible story unfolds. Delving into the very fabric of the human mind. A 13-year-old boy raised in an unstable home, is then handed a special gift. Transforming into "The Ghost", his out-of-body experience provides an unimaginable ability to journey the world unseen. Travel to the twinkling of the stars. Take a wild ride on Africa's "King of the Beasts." Soar high above New York's Empire State Building. Become engulfed by the frightening experiments occurring daily in Area 51, America's most secretive military base. Amazing and thought-provoking,  The Forgotten Son, The Twilight Years is an exciting story inviting readers  to stretch their imaginations and consider...                                                               Fact or fiction?
The Forgotten Son
The Twilight Years
Author of Suspense
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